iceland plate boundary

Sketch map for the Iceland Plate Boundary Zone with propagating rift zones, migrating transform faults and microplate-like crustal blocks.

plate boundary zone

Schematic diagram of the Iceland Plate Boundary Zone.

dissected basaltic volcanoes

Dissected basaltic volcanoes provide a window into deeper level processes.

columnar basaltColumnar joints in a young lava flow.

transform fault

Panorama of intensely faulted basalts along the Husavik-Flatey Transform Fault.

faults and damage zone

Closer view of faults and damage zones in the Husavik-Flatey Transform Fault.

drilling paleomagnetic cores

Andrew Horst drilling paleomagnetic cores from a deformed dike in the Husavik-Flatey Fault Zone.

strike-slip fault

Large polished (N-S) strike-slip fault surface near Akureyri.

strike-slip faults

Light-colored (N-S) strike-slip faults in Pleistocene hyaloclastites in a quarry at the Karahnjukar Dam.

Karahnjukar Dam

Aerial view to the S of the Karahnjukar Dam and the gorge with a N-S strike-slip fault.