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Lab Personnel

Group Director

Jeffrey A Karson

Jeffrey A Karson 

Graduate Students

James  Farrell

James  Farrell PhD Student, Earth Sciences

Christopher  Sant

Christopher  Sant PhD Student, Earth Sciences

Past Graduate & Postdoctural Investigator Projects

M.S. Theses  

Aleece F. Nanfito, 2011. Rift-Parallel, Strike-Slip Faulting in Iceland: Kinematic Analysis of the Gljufurá Fault Zone 

Matthew T. Kissane, 2012. Investigations into Lava Flow Morphology, Using Field-Scale Basalt Flows 

Keegan T. Runnals, 2015. Multiple generations of faulting: A kinematic analysis of the Lagerfljót Region, northeast Iceland  

James AProett, 2015. Enigmatic rift-parallel, strike-slip faults around Eyjafjörður, northern Iceland 


Ph.D. Dissertations 

Drew L. Siler, 2011. Structure and Kinematics of Segment-Scale Crustal Accretion Processes in Iceland and Implications for Analogous Mid-Ocean Ridge Systems 

Andrew J. Horst, 2013. Structure and Accretion At Mid-Ocean Ridges With High Magma Supply: Perspectives from Seafloor Escarpments and Iceland 

Christopher J. Santcurrent. Dynamics and Morphology of Large-Scale Experimental Lava Flows 

James A. Farrellcurrent. Kinematics of Regional Strike-Slip Faulting in Iceland: implications for Spreading at Mid-Ocean Ridges and Rifted Margins  



Postdoctoral Investigators 

Daniel Curewitz (Lecturer, Syracuse University) Syracuse University, 2008-2011, Supported by NSF grants, structural controls on hydrothermal systems in Iceland and the mid-ocean ridge system 

Aisha R. Morris (AAAS Congressional Fellow; Director RESSES, UNAVCO), Syracuse University, 2009-2011, supported by Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate Postdoctoral Fellowship, volcanic processes on Earth and Mars